Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Yoshiette Adventures #1: Yoshiette works at Taco Bell

Yoshiette 1: But I don't want to get a job!!!

A. Yoshi: I need money for manga, anime, games, TV shows, and movies... Go Now!!!!

YE1: Taco Bell, now hiring, Hmmmmmm...

Several days later...

Manager: Congrats, YoshiBeth, You're hired.

DAY 1:

YE1: Welcome to Taco Bell, can I take your order?

Woman: Yeah can I just get an order of fries?

YE: Uhhhhhh... No, we don't serve fries.

Woman: Can you at least make sure I get that coca cola on time?

YE1: You mean Pepsi? Of...

Woman: No I meant Coke?

YE1: I'm sorry, We don't serve coke products here...

Woman: Do you serve anything here?

YE1: That depends, What are you craving?

Woman: I've got no time for this...

DAY 2:

Manager: Since you pretty much sucked at Drive Thru duty, I recommend you go to Register duty.

YE1: Welcome to taco bell? I'm Yoshiette. How can I help you today?

Kid: Excuse me, but I thought your name was Yoshibeth...

YE1: No, It is indeed Yoshiette.

Kid: What kind of name is that?

YE1: It's a none of your business kind of name!

Kid: Excuse me?

YE1: I can lock you up in the freezer and turn you into a popsicle...

Kid: I'm going to tell my mom, and you're going to get fired!!!!!

YE1: Your Mom's a F**KING WH*RE!!!!!

DAY 3:

Manager: Now it's time for a lil' Cooking...

12:35 PM

Why is Everyone getting sick?

YE1: I put horse crap in the meat, Because that's what your meat is, it may be Grade D meat, but it is Grade A Horse S**t...

Manager: New job, tomorrow, go home, now!!!!

DAY 4:

YE1: EWWWWW, Someone left Taco sauce on this section of tile!!!!

Manager: Clean it up...

YE1: I'm allergic to your Taco Sauce.

Manager: Then why did you work here?

YE1: Screw you!!!!

Manager: You can't clean someone else's GOD DAMN MESS, But you can put horse crap in our food because you think it's funny?

DAY 5:

Manager: You're working a multitasking late shift tonight, I expect you to get stuff don tonight...

YE1: Fine, Whadahell...

12:06 AM

*Bee Gees start playing*



DAY 6:

Manager: I've came back from saturday night partying to see how you're do...

*Looks at the hung over deadbeat mess of a restaurant*



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