Friday, March 24, 2017

Yoshiette Adventures Year 2 #2: Yoshiette vs Pepsiman: Part 2: Pepsiman's Revenge

In honor of The Power Rangers Reboot Movie's release in America and Chou Super Hero Taisen's Release in Japan ON THE SAME WEEKEND!!!


Pepsiman rises from the dead, and Seeks revenge Against Team Yoshi, and Yoshiette 1 lets him in Team Yoshi HQ, without knowing what his true intentions. Thanks to Yoshiette 2's Stupidity, Pepsiman Gets Mad!!!!! Back to the story...

Joe T.: How could a superhero become worse than Hitler, Stalin, and Trump combined over a mask pull?

Pepsiman: I was never friends with any of you. I came to A. Yoshi's place to get revenge.

Phone: Ring! Ring! Ring! Phone Call! Phone Call! Ring! Ring! Ring! Phone Call! Phone Call!

*Yoshiette 1 Picks up the phone*

Yoshiette 1: What do you want?

A. Yoshi: I'm on the plane trip home so I should be no more than a couple hours away. can you pick me up at the airport?

YE1: Kind of busy right now, so if I can't make it, call an Uber or something,


YE1: Stupid, arrogant, Entitled Piece of Shi...

Pepsiman: So If you're done talking to your friend, can we continue with the exposition?

YE1: *nervously* Sure?

Pepsiman: Well Then...

1994, Travis Charest designed me, and I was on commercials in Japan, cans of Pepsi in Japan, Action Figures and even a videogame. As the new millennium was getting Closer and Closer, I gained fans across East Asia, I even had a Pepsilady in at least one Commercial. We did get married in 2002, and grew old with each other. However, last year, my Thirst senses were tingling once more and I noticed The Thirst was coming from Simcity, I rushed to this building, I pressed all the buttons and as the elevator got Higher and Higher, the thirst senses were getting stronger and stronger until I came across a locked door, I busted straight through the door and turned the kid's water into Pepsi, and even got sent to a game of Starcraft. Over a year later, Arceus Miyamoto Christ, gave me a second Chance to beat Villains (like You Guys)...

Duck Nukem: We ARE on your side and it's time to STOP!!!

JT: Yeah... Truce?

Pepsiman: Truce...

*Yoshiette 1 gives Pepsiman a Handshake*

*3 Seconds after the handshake starts, Pepsiman rips off Yoshiette's Arm*

YE1: You LIE!!!!!

DN:Time for Action.

*Pepsiman's theme plays as the fight goes on*

Pepsiman does a Back Flip Kick towards Duck Nukem, but misses without Duck Nukem Moving

Joe Tokugawa uses a katana slash in the shape of an X, Pepsiman bleeds Pepsi.

Pepsiman uses his Pepsi Punch on Yoshiette, He misses despite Yoshiette reacting slower Than Pepsiman is Moving.

Duck Nukem does a flying Karate Chop, hitting Pepsiman in the Head, Pepsiman is now confused.

Pepsiman tried to aim his Pepsi Bazooka with double Vision...
Pepsiman fires and misses Joe T. causing the Pepsi to Ricochet around Team Yoshi HQ until it reaches Duck Nukem's mouth,

DN: Damn, Pepsi's some Great Sh*t.

*Yoshiette 1 grabs Pepsiman by the neck and carries him through the window where he Kicked Yoshiette 2 through*

YE1: Will you respect People's Health habits?

Pepsiman: Yes.

YE1: Will you go back to Bullsh*tting young kids just to increase profits, and rebirth Childhood Obesity?

Pepsiman: N-n-n-no...

YE1: and finally, Will you give up the Superhero stuff to enjoy retirement with your wife?

Pepsiman: NO!!!!!

*Yoshiette loosens her Grasp*

I mean Yes, yes, here take this as a peace offering...


YE1: Oooooooooo....... Mexican Pepsi...  *places Pepsiman on the couch*

Pepsiman: Hey Joe and Duck, Wanna go to a Strip Club?

JT & DN: Of course...

*Pepsiman, Joe, and Duck, walk down the street*

Theme: Pepsiman!!!!!


YE1, You're Home early, Aren't you Yoshi-Poo?

AY: Yeah Apparently there was No Peace conference at the United Nations, and we've got a $25,000,000 Debt...

YE1: Want To watch Farewell FamiKa...

*A. Yoshi freezes in place*

Yoshi-poo, are you okay? Should I poke you with a stick?

If you're wondering how the other yoshiette's doing, Well...

Yoshiette 2 (head only): If I can just get close enough to the building, I could survive the rest of the way throu...

*Car smashes up Yoshiette 2's Head*

YE2: Damn...


Friday, March 3, 2017

Yoshiette Adventures Year 2 #1: Yoshiette vs Pepsiman

1 year & 2 months ago...


Throws Pepsiman out the window with a black hole bomb*

Text below a game of Starcraft: NonUrthGamer86: EWWWWW!!!!! What's next to my guy right now?

YoshietteNum1: I'unno, Just get rid of it!

Pepsiman: Ruhhh Rohhh Raggy!!!!

Theme: PEPSIMAN!!!!!


Pepsiman: *Rises from his grave video game graveyard* TIME FOR REVENGE TEAM YOSHI, ESPECIALLY YOU YOSHIBETH!!!!!!

*one trip from the graveyard to A.Yoshi HQ later*

*Doorbell rings*

Yoshiette 1: hel.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackles Pepsiman*

Pepsiman: Woah Woah Woah Woah Woah!!!!!!!
YE1: *puts Pepsiman in a camel clutch* I'll never forgive you for turning my boyfriend's water to Pepsi, interrupting my game of starcraft with my friend, and just because!

Pepsiman: I'm on your side, I just wanna talk...

*Yoshiette lets go of Pepsiman*

Wanna watch a movie with Pepsi and Frito Lay products?

YE1: Sure?

I think we should watch "Farewell FamiKamen Rider". A. Yoshi never really wanted to watch it with me...

Joe T.: Before we watch, Let me say this. MY DAD AND I LOVED YOUR COMMERCIALS AS A KID!!!!! Can I have your Autograph, on an old pair of Yoshiette's Shimapan she doesn't wear any...

YE1: Give me that back...

Pepsiman: So, This Kid has a Bra and Panty collection containing entirely all of your old...

YE1: Yep.

Pepsiman: *cringes* I somehow don't want to give the Asian kid my autograph anymore...

*20 minutes in*

So Yoshbeth...

Duck Nukem: WHICH ONE?!?!

YE1: Please call me Yoshiette, or even Yoshiette 1...

Pepsiman: So Yoshiette, Tell me what is your major is at college?

YE1: Game Development.

Pepsiman: Do you like modding FPS games?

YE1: yes, and my favorite games to mod are Unreal, Quake II, Half-Life...

Yoshiette 2: Half-Life 3 confirmed?

YE1: She's kinda annoying, ignore her...

Pepsiman: One last thing, Where's A. Yoshi?

YE1: He's at the United Nations as a speaker at a peace conference...

If I can ask a question, what's your origin story?

Pepsiman: I don't know, Email Pepsico...

JT: What super villains have you faced in your late 90s/early 2000s?

Pepsiman: Probably the FDA, most of the US government, and a lot of state governments. Oh, and me and The Coca-Cola Company butted heads too.

YE2: Who's Under that Mask?

Pepsiman: NOT A MASK! NOT A MASK! NOT A MASK! NOT A MASK! NOT A MASK! *Yoshiette 2 pulls Pepsiman's Lips*

Pepsi... KICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Yoshiette 2 flies through the window, and no one knows where she is*

Never reveal a superhero's identity

DN: You haven't changed at ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

Pepsiman: One character no one likes down, 4 more to go!!!

YE1: This means War!!!

Ooooooo no, Someone looks pissed. Is this the end of Team Yoshi , or can they redeem Pepsiman Before A. Yoshi knows what happened? Stay tuned on the weekend of the 24th, to find out the conclusion (trust me, While the second half of Yoshiette goes to Japan's climax felt like a Light Gun Shooter, This'll have the feel of a fighting game (or an RPG, depending on how I write it))